Frequently Asked Questions


How long will my website take to build?

After we receive your logo and any images you would like built into the website it should only take a couple of weeks to have the first draft available for you to review.  However if we need to write much additional brand new content it can take longer.  We will of course keep you fully up to date with our progress.


Does my website work on mobiles and tablets as well as desktop computers?

All Webidaze websites are fully responsive.  This means they are designed from the outset to work across all devices including mobiles, tablets, P.C’s, MAC’s and even T.V’s.  Try viewing this website on a tablet and then rotating the device.  You will see the website instantly changes to fill the screen perfectly.


How do I ensure my website is visible to those searching Google?

We submit all sites to Google when they are built.  It can take up to a week for new sites to appear in Google searches.  Webidaze work with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) companies to help boost your site in search results.  However this can be quite expensive and it can often take a while to see results.


Why choose Webidaze to build my new website?

Our 3 principles of design are core to every site we build.  It must look beautiful, be intuitive to use and be very cost effective.  If this approach is followed we are confident your new website will be affordable and do a fantastic job of being the centrepiece of your digital brand.


Can my existing website just be updated.  It cost us a lot?

Web development technologies have moved on a great speed over the last few years.  Using WordPress plugins and themes it is going to be much faster to build a new site than update the existing one.  Having your site built on the latest technology also means it is futureproof and can be updated more quickly and frequently going forward.


How about a new logo?  Can Webidaze do that?

Often it is best to keep your existing logo and brand.  You will be amazed how much better it can look when built into a new website.  When you think about the implications of having to change all your stationary, office colours and even your shop front signage it is going to cost a lot of money and effort.  It should therefore only be undertaken if completely necessary.  However, if it is part of your plans then of course Webidaze can help.


What about updating and editing my website?

It’s up to you.  We are happy to provide login details to the WordPress content management system.  Often if it is a small change it can be quicker for you to make the change than to pick up the phone or write us an email.  However, full maintenance and support are always included in our monthly fees.  Therefore any changes you would like to make are free of charge and can be made as often as required.


How much will my website cost?

Unlike many other web companies Webidaze have a set fee for building a website.  We charge £500 to build a standard website and £1000 to build an E-Commerce website with a full online shop.  This is regardless of the number of pages required.  We just try to build the best site for your business that we can.  However we often need to buy licences for additional technologies which add extra functionality to the site and often you may wish to purchase additional images or a video.  These costs are added to our build fee.  We also charge a monthly hosting and maintenance fee which includes all changes and updates.


How do I choose and purchase my website domain name?

A good website address (known as a URL or domain name) is vital for being found easily online and making your website easy to remember.  If you haven't already bought your domain name, we can advise you on what options would be best for you.


What about ongoing support and maintenance for my website?

Your monthly fees include all maintenance and support.  You can call us or send an email and your request will normally be actioned within 24 hours. 


What about hackers and viruses?  Is my website secure?

No website is 100% secure against an attack from a determined hacker.  However, many techniques are used to reduce the vulnerability of our websites.  Our hosting provider use advance firewall rules, we then add another software firewall to the website itself.  All of our websites are monitored 24/7 and alert us if they are attacked.  Ultimately, we take regular backups of each website, so that should the worst happen, we can quickly restore your website and get back online as soon as possible.


I’m not ready to build my site yet.  What should we do?

This isn't a problem, we would look to get your logo designed and then create a holding page that shows your website is under construction. Alternatively we can build a one page website that has a contact form and some basic content and look to expand it at a later date. 


Webidaze look good but you’re not local to us.  Is that a problem?

We will always try to meet you face to face if possible.  With modern build techniques and technologies we can give you remote access to the site we are building so it is not always essential to meet.  You can always view the website as it’s being built to keep updated on our progress.


What technology is used to build my site?

All websites built by Webidaze are built on WordPress.  This now powers 30% of the entire internet. There 1000’s of themes available to give your website a unique look and feel and there are 100’s of plugins already developed to quickly handle very specific tasks (like property listings or hotel bookings).  This makes WordPress the perfect platform on which to build your website.